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./modzy-core server

Start the Modzy Edge model server on a remote device

$ modzy-core server [flags] starts an HTTP and gRPC server that implements Modzy Edge's inference, jobs, and results APIs.


Enter the following code into the terminal after making the following replacements:

Replace <> with the URL of your instance of Modzy,
Replace s.dP0JrRSS3AJ38hykhKebl0MG with a valid token

$ ./modzy-core server --modzy.url --modzy.token s.dP0JrRSS3AJ38hykhKebl0MG

The output is similar to the following:

2022-11-14T21:34:28.427Z	INFO	logger/logger.go:108	acquiring lock
2022-11-14T21:34:28.427Z	INFO	modzy/registration.go:49	connecting to Modzy...
2022-11-14T21:34:28.429Z	INFO	modzy/registration.go:124	device token provided, proceeding with registration via http
2022-11-14T21:34:28.996Z	INFO	nats/server.go:26	starting internal NATS server...
2022-11-14T21:34:29.085Z	INFO	cmd/server.go:159	migrating database
2022-11-14T21:34:29.101Z	INFO	runner/runner.go:93	starting model: k8cjaqdcgz 1.0.0
2022-11-14T21:34:29.102Z	INFO	runtime/docker.go:89	Checking if container is running...
2022-11-14T21:34:29.109Z	INFO	runtime/docker.go:123	creating container...
2022-11-14T21:34:30.117Z	INFO	runtime/docker.go:182	container is ready: running
2022-11-14T21:34:41.490Z	INFO	apiserver/server.go:69	Modzy Core server is starting...
2022-11-14T21:34:41.493Z	INFO	apiserver/server.go:228	Server is starting...
2022-11-14T21:34:41.493Z	INFO	apiserver/server.go:270	Server is listening at :55000


--cert string TLS cert to use

-h, --help help for server

--http.port string http port exposed for core server (default "55000")

--key string TLS key to use