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Update a version

This endpoint updates a model’s version metadata.

It can also activate a model's version to publish it in the Model Library.

It can also update a version’s inputs and outputs.

Except for tags, the metadata is stored in model versions. It can update a version’s inputValidationSchema, timeout, requirement, inputs, outputs, statistics, longDescription, processing, technicalDetails, versionHistory, and performanceSummary. To update other parameters create a new version.


PATCH routes overwrite existing attributes. To avoid this, call the GET route to find existing values and add them to your PATCH request.


Step 1 of the Model Deployment is required to run this route.


The version, isActive, isAvailable, sourceType, createdBy, imagePrefix, repositoryName and date parameters cannot be manually updated.


Model versions can be updated during and after the deployment.

Activate a model's version

When at least one version is active the whole model becomes active and available in the Model Library.

PATCH /api/models/xx542963xx/versions/0.0.27 HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: ApiKey apikey.modzy
Content-Length: 23



Deployed models are set with 0 minimum and 1 maximum engine. You can update engines to match any requirements.



All the previous steps of the Model Deployment are required to run this route.



Platform Administrators and Data Scientists can access this route.


A Data Scientist can only edit his own models.