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The telemetry object returns model and version measurements. It includes the number of jobs and data processed, the number of users, and the average processing time. The Model service provides APIs to search and retrieve telemetry details.

The telemetry object

  "versionId": "0.0.1",
  "completedJobs": 0,
  "dataProcessed": "...",
  "accumulatedUsers": 0,
  "averageLatency": "...",
  "averageQueueTime: "..."
versionIDstringThe model’s version number. It follows the semantic versioning format.
completedJobsnumberThe number of jobs completed by a model.
dataProcessedstringThe amount of data processed by a model in bytes.
accumulatedUsersnumberThe number of users that requested at least one job to a model.
averageLatencystringThe average time to process the inputs and upload the results of a model in milliseconds.
averageQueueTimestringThe average time to start the process of the first input sent to a model in milliseconds.