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Outputs hold the result files returned by models.

The output object sets a model’s output criteria. Models require at least one output object. The Model API has a route to create output objects and routes to get and update sample outputs.

Every model can return data with specific media types. Additionally, every model requires at least one output-object name and a maximum output size.

Media types

Every model can return data with specific media types. Modzy supports the text, audio, image, and video media types seen below. Models deployed to Modzy can return one or more of these media types.


Supported media types

Output size

Every model requires maximum output size. This size caps the amount of data, per output item, models return.

Output-object name

Every output object requires one output-object name. This is the name of the file that contains each output item’s results.

Users may assign input item names to input items in job requests. In this case, the API returns output files in an input item object with the assigned name, which helps to identify results by item.


Outputs from Modzy

    "name": "...",
    "mediaType": "...",
    "maximumSize": 12345,
    "description": "..."
namestringThe output name the model returns.
mediaTypestringThe output file MIME types the model supports.
maximumSizenumberThe maximum amount of data in bytes the model can return per output file.
descriptionstringThe output details such as what to expect and how to manage results. It’s featured in the Model Details page. It supports content in Markdown format for including rich text, links, images, etc.