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Open jobs


A job can process multiple input items containing data. Large input items may exceed the system’s inference capacity and fail. For large input items, we recommend to open a job and add the input data in chunks to run them successfully.


Chunks are portions of large input data that can be sent separately to an open job.

Open jobs

These are jobs submitted without the input object. They are created with status open and they can receive input chunks until they get closed.

The job chunks object

    "inputChunkMaximumSize": "...",
    "maximumInputChunks": "...",
    "maximumInputsPerJob": "..."
inputChunkMaximumSizestringThe maximum size the system supports for each chunk.
maximumInputChunksstringThe maximum amount of chunks the system/model supports.
maximumInputsPerJobstringThe maximum amount of inputs a system/model supports.