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Model tags


Tags help categorize and filter models. They make model browsing easier.

The tags object

   "identifier": "count",
   "name": "Count",
   "dataType": "Task",
   "isCategorical": true,
   "images": []
identifierstringA tag identifier provided by Modzy. It contains the tag’s name in lower case and it replaces spaces with underscores.
namestringA tag name to filter and search for the model.
dataTypestringDefines a tag’s category. Values for categorical tags may be Task, Subject, and Input Type. For non-categorical tags the value is Tags.
isCategoricalbooleanA flag for predefined tags. If true, the tag is listed in the Model Marketplace’s navigation bar. If false, the tag is listed only in the Model Details page.
imagesarrayAn array that contains the tag’s image objects.

Predefined tags

Modzy has three predefined tag groups: task, subject, and input type and provides the option to create or add custom tags. Add all the tags that describe the model.

Each category answers a question:

TaskHow does the model process data?
SubjectWhat content does the model process?
Input TypeWhat are the model’s accepted data types?

Tags by category

Language and TextColors, Textures, and PatternsComputers and Software
Equipment and MachineryFoodGeography
GraphInfrastructure and BuildingsOther
People and ActivitiesSatellites and SpaceTopics, Ideas, and Sentiment
Vehicles and TransportationVideo, Images, and IllustrationsWeapons
Input type
SignalTime SeriesText
CountEnhance or PreprocessForecast or Estimate
Label or ClassifyLocate or DetectTrack