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Model deployment


Following the Model Deployment process, you can quickly and easily send publish them in the model library. Below is the API Reference with details to follow the process, however, we recommend to use the Model Deployment page to do so.


Only Data Scientists can deploy models.


To deploy a model, start by creating it and adding the model container image and metadata. To finish, set a model picture, add tags, and update the model’s status as active.

Below is the list of steps to deploy a model.

1Create a modelPOST/api/models
2Add a name and
3Add the model container imagePOST/api/models/:modelId/versions/:version/container-image
4Add requirementsPATCH/api/models/:modelId/versions/:version
5Add timeoutsPATCH/api/models/:modelId/versions/:version
6Add metricsPATCH/api/models/:modelId/versions/:version
7Test: load the modelPOST/api/models/:modelId/versions/:version/load-process
8Create inputsPATCH/api/models/:modelId/versions/:version
9Create outputsPATCH/api/models/:modelId/versions/:version
10Add a test filePOST/api/models/:modelId/versions/:version/testInput
11Test: run the modelPOST/api/models/:modelId/versions/:version/run-process
12Add a descriptionPATCH/api/models/:modelId/versions/:version
13Add release notesPATCH/api/models/:modelId/versions/:version
14Add transparency
and bias reporting
15Add tagsPATCH/api/models/:modelId
16Add a model picturePOST/api/models/:modelId/image
17Deploy the modelPATCH/api/models/:modelId/versions/:version

The models object

  "modelId": "...",
  "latestVersion": "...",
  "latestActiveVersion": "...",
  "versions": [],
  "author": "...",
  "name": "...",
  "description": "...",
  "permalink": "...",
  "features": [],
  "isActive": false,
  "isRecommended": false,
  "isCommercial": false,
  "tags": [],
  "images": [],
  "lastActiveDateTime": "...",
  "createdByEmail": "...",
  "createdByFullName": "...",
  "visibility": {
    "scope": "...",
    "teams": []
modelIdstringA model identifier provided by Modzy. It contains 10 random alphanumeric characters.
latestVersionstringThe model’s most recent active version. This version is displayed by default in the Model Details page.
latestActiveVersionstringThe model’s most recent active version. This version is displayed by default in the Model Details page.
versionsarrayAn array that contains all the version objects.
authorstringThe organization that created the model.
namestringThe model’s name. It may only contain alphanumeric, dash, and underscore characters. Be sure to use a name that describes the model’s functionality so that others can find the model easily.
descriptionstringThe model details summary. It’s featured in the Model Library.
permalinkstringA link to the model. It combines the modelId, author, and name.
featuresarrayAn array that contains all the feature objets.
isActivebooleanActive models are available in the Marketplace and can execute inference on data. At least one active version is required for the model to remain active.
isRecommendedbooleanAdds a "recommended" badge to the model. It features in the Model Marketplace. Defaults to false.
isCommercialbooleanThe model’s commercial status. Commercial models can be purchased.
tagsarrayAn array that contains all the tag objects.
imagesarrayAn array that contains all the image objects.
lastActiveDateTimestringThe last time the model was used in ISO8601 (YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sTZD) format.
createdByEmailstringThe email of the user that deployed the model.
createdByFullNamestringThe full name of the user that deployed the model.
visibilityobjectAn object that contains a model’s scope that defines who can see the model (ALL, ACCOUNT, TEAM, PRIVATE) and the model’s teams.

Model picture

Models require a model picture set at the Model Deployment. This picture is resized by Modzy and set as the model’s thumbnail, card, and background pictures before the model is published. The model’s logo picture is inherited from the account’s picture and cannot be updated. The Model service has APIs to upload and get pictures.


Accepted files

Modzy supports JPG, JPEG, and PNG pictures with a maximum size of 5 MB. The minimum resolution is 1440 x 1024 px.


Modzy resizes pictures if the width or the height dimensions vary to match the thumbnail, card, and background pictures. The resizing origin is the center of the image.

The pictures object

  "url" : "...",
  "caption" : "...",
  "alt" : "...",
  "relationType" : "..."
urlstringThe model’s picture location.
captionstringA picture’s description available to all users, set upon model deployment. Defaults to the model’s name.
altstringA picture’s alternate description for the search engine and screen readers. It matches the caption description.
relationTypestringIt defines where and how the model images are sized and visible in the Model Marketplace. Values are set to thumbnail, background, and card for the model picture and logo for the company logo.


Tags describe and filter models across the Model Library and are visible in the sidebar and search box. Modzy has three predefined tag categories: Task, Subject, and Input type and provides an option to create custom tags.

Predefined tags

Each category of predefined tags category answers a question:

TaskHow does the model process data?
SubjectWhat content does the model process?
Input TypeWhat are the model’s accepted data types?

Tags by category

SubjectTaskInput Type
Language and TextLabel or ClassifyAudio
Colors, Textures, and PatternsCountBinary
Computers and SoftwareEnhance or PreprocessImage
Equipment and MachineryForecast or EstimateSignal
FoodLocate or DetectTime Series
Infrastructure and Buildings
People and Activities
Satellites and Space
Topics, Ideas, and Sentiment
Vehicles and Transportation
Video, Images, and Illustrations

The tags object

"tags": [
        "identifier": "count",
        "name": "Count",
        "dataType": "Task",
        "isCategorical": true,
        "images": []
identifierstringA tag identifier provided by Modzy. It contains the tag’s name in lower case and it replaces spaces with underscores.
namestringA tag name to filter and search for the model.
dataTypestringDefines a tag’s category. Values for categorical tags may be Task, Subject, and Input Type. For non-categorical tags the value is Tags.
isCategoricalbooleanA flag for predefined tags. If true, the tag is listed in the Model Marketplace’s navigation bar. If false, the tag is listed only in the Model Details page.
imagesarrayAn array that contains the tag’s image objects.