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The input object sets input requirements to run a model. Models require at least one input object. The Model API has a route to create input objects and routes to get and update the sample input.

Every model accepts data with specific media types. Additionally, every model requires at least one specific input-object name and maximum input size.

Media types

Every model accepts data with specific media types. Modzy supports the text, audio, image, and video media types seen below. Models deployed to Modzy support one or more of these media types.


Supported media types

Input size

Every model requires maximum input size. This size caps the amount of data, per input item, that the models accept.

Input object name

Every input object requires one specific input-object name. This name helps Modzy identify and link models to the input items.


Inputs sent to Modzy

Input item name

Users can set input item names to organize data and easily identify results. Input item names are set in job requests.

The inputs object

    "name": "...",
    "acceptedMediaTypes": "...",
    "maximumSize": 12345,
    "description": "..."
namestringThe input’s name. The input name provided to run a model must match this name.
acceptedMediaTypesstringThe input file MIME types the model supports.
maximumSizenumberThe maximum amount of data in bytes the model can process per input item.
descriptionstringThe input’s details such as options, dependencies, requirements, and other special considerations. It’s featured in the Model Details page. It supports content in Markdown format for including rich text, links, images, etc.