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Input test file


Once an input is created, add a data file to test the model. The Model service has APIs to create, get, update, and delete input test files.

Ensure the input test file’s media type, name, and size match the input requirements.

The inputs object

    "name": "...",
    "acceptedMediaTypes": "...",
    "maximumSize": 12345,
    "description": "..."
namestringThe input’s name. The input name provided to run a model must match this name.
acceptedMediaTypesstringThe input file MIME types the model supports.
maximumSizenumberThe maximum amount of data in bytes the model can process per input item.
descriptionstringThe input’s details such as options, dependencies, requirements, and other special considerations. It’s featured in the Model Details page. It supports content in Markdown format for including rich text, links, images, etc.