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Hardware requriements


Model requirements include the GPU, CPU, and RAM needed to run a model. Administrators can create memory and hardware requirement presets for Data Scientists to choose from upon model deployment.

The Model service provides the APIs needed to create and set memory and hardware requirement presets. It provides APIs to list account and model requirement presets, create new presets, and assign and remove them from accounts and models.

The requirements object

  "requirementId": 1,
  "gpuUnits": 1,
  "cpuAmount": "...",
  "memoryAmount": "..."
requirementIdstringThe identifier for the memory and hardware requirements set.
gpuUnitsnumberAn integer number of GPUs required to run the model container. GPU resources are optional.
Example: 1
cpuAmountstringA number of fractional CPUs required to run the model container. You can limit the percentage of the CPU that the container is allowed to use.
Example: 0.5
memoryAmountstringThe amount of system memory needed to run the model container (e.g. RAM). Measured in bytes, it can be a plain integer or a fixed-point integer using a suffix. Suffixes may be: G, M, K, or their power-of-two equivalents: Gi, Mi, Ki.Mi". Example: the following represent roughly the same value: 128974848, 129e6, 129M, 123Mi.