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General Terms


Timing Terms

These terms are used in the API and the web site, and each denote specific measurements. All timings are in milliseconds.

elapsedTimeTotal time from job submission (submittedAt) until results-summary file is generated. Results.elapsedTime will be the same as Job.elapsedTime when the job is complete.
queueTimeThe cumulative time the input has awaited processing. Job.queueTime is the same as Results.initialQueueTime and includes infrastructure provisioning time.
initialQueueTimeThe time until initial processing of first input in the job or batch. Includes infrastructure provisioning time.
totalQueueTimeThe cumulative time all inputs have awaited processing until the last input in the batch begins. This includes time waiting for jobs within the current batch and initialQueueTime.
modelLatencyMeasured per input, includes the time required to retrieve input data (inputFetching time), process the data through the model, and produce an output file or object.
averageModelLatencyAverage modelLatency considering all inputs of the specific job. If the job has a single input, this will be the same as totalModelLatency and as the first result's modelLatency.
totalModelLatencysum of all modelLatencies of each job in a batch. Does not include queue times.
inputFetchingTime required to move input data from upload/staging bucket into model input bucket, unique per input.
resultSummarizingTime required to retrieve results from Kafka messaging queue and render a summary object.
submittedAtDate and Time in UTC of job submission – after upload has completed.
createdAtDate and Time in UTC of the time the job was initialized and created in the Modzy system
startTimeDate and Time of when inputFetching began for an individual job within a batch.
endTimeDate and Time in UTC when processing and resultSummarizing completed for an individual job within a batch.
startingResultSummarizingDate and Time processing is complete on the full batch and results object generation is started.
updateTimeDate and Time in UTC of the last logged change to the data. If on a job or results, the time of the full batch or job completed and results available for query.