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Get results

This endpoint returns a detailed list of results for all the items processed by a given job including the total, completed, and failed number of items.

For each item it also includes the status, assigned engine, startTime, updateTime, endTime, and elapsedTime.



All the roles can access this route.

Retrieving non-text results

Some models produce non-text outputs such as image, video, or audio files. In the case of large files, it becomes cumbersome to convert these files into text using something like base64 encoding, so instead, Modzy saves these results to a file and then returns the location of the file in the results response. In the example below the "results.wav" line contains the location of the WAV file produced by Modzy's Text to Speech model.

  "status": "SUCCESSFUL",
  "engine": "model-batch-uvdncymn6q-0-0-2-7d74556c7-r9jrq",
  "inputFetching": 121,
  "outputUploading": null,
  "modelLatency": 132,
  "queueTime": 676,
  "startTime": "2021-10-26T15:25:41.900+0000",
  "updateTime": "2021-10-26T15:26:11.792+0000",
  "endTime": "2021-10-26T15:26:11.792+0000",
  "results.wav": "\n",
  "voting": {
    "up": 0,
    "down": 0

To retrieve this file, you simply need to submit an HTTP GET request on this endpoint, and include an Authorization header with your API Key. In the sample below be sure to replace the URL with the URL you receive from your model and API_KEY with an API Key that is permitted to access this file.

curl \    
 -H 'Authorization: ApiKey API_KEY' >text-to-speech-output.wav
curl ^
 -H 'Authorization: ApiKey API_KEY' ^
 --output text-to-speech-output.wav