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The model metrics service provides a clear insight into AI performance and usage across an enterprise. Its APIs return the number of predictions made, data processed, active users, and active models.

The metrics object

  "ranking": 1,
  "modelIdentifier": "",
  "name": "",
  "modelVersion": "",
  "elapsedTime": 1,
  "jobs": 1,
  "userIdentifier": "",
  "firstName": "",
  "lastName": "",
  "email": "",
  "predictionsMade": {},
  "dataProcessed": {},
  "recent": []
rankingnumberRanks users or models in DESC order by elapsed time.
modelIdentifierstringA model identifier provided by Modzy. It contains 10 random alphanumeric characters.
namestringThe model’s name. It may only contain alphanumeric, dash, and underscore characters.
modelVersionstringThe model’s version number. It follows the semantic versioning format.
elapsedTimenumberThe time between the job starts to run until it is completed in milliseconds.
jobsnumberAn object that contains the user’s or model’s job count.
userIdentifierstringThe user’s identifier.
firstNamestringThe user’s first name.
lastNamestringThe user’s last name.
emailstringThe user’s email.
predictionsMadeobjectAn object that contains the inputs processed in the current and previous time frames.
dataProcessedobjectAn object that contains the bytes processed in the current and previous time frames.
recentarrayAn array that contains the daily predictions objects.

Prometheus query parameters

cpu-requestedThe number of cores requested by a container.
cpu-availableThe cluster’s total number of available CPU cores.
cpu-usedThe total amount of “system” time + the total amount of “user” time.
memory-requestedThe number of memory bytes requested by a container.
memory-availableA node’s total allocatable memory bytes.
memory-usedThe current memory usage in bytes, it includes all memory regardless of when it was accessed.
cpu-overall-usageThe cpu-used divided by the cpu-available.
memory-overall-usageThe memory-used divided by the memory-available.
cpu-current-usageThe cpu-requested divided by the cpu-available.