Create a job

This endpoint submits a job request for any of the following:

  • a string of text
  • Base64 data, with a URI compatible string
  • data files stored in an AWS S3 bucket (it accepts one data file or a directory with multiple data files)
  • a database file

For additional information see the job lifecycle guide.


Quota limits may block job requests. They define the maximum number of job inputs a user, team, or project can submit within a given date range.

Quota accumulation takes effect immediately when the endpoint submits a job. Modzy credits the input usage back (subtract from the accumulated value) when an input fails or the user submits a job cancelation.


The job’s input item name must match the model’s input name.


Data Scientists, developers, auditors, and projects can submit jobs to visible purchased models with active versions.



All the roles can access this route.


Exclude the input object to request an open job and add the inputs later.

The sample above runs one input file. Set the type to aws-s3-folder and the key to a folder’s name to run all the input files in a directory.

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