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Our Audit service provides the APIs needed to retrieve log activity. These logs may be filtered using the Audit object’s parameters. The Audit Logs routes support pagination.

The audit object

    "identifier": "...",
    "sourceRepository": "...",
    "eventType": "...",
    "eventResourceIdentifier": "...",
    "jobLifeCycleIdentifier": "...",
    "eventDetail": {},
    "key": "...",
    "internal": false,
    "createdAt": "..."
identifierstringRecord identifier of an event or instance of the API’s workflow.
sourceRepositorystringA set of repositories from where the results are retrieved.
eventTypestringReference to the type of action performed in the instance that is being recorded.
eventResourceIdentifierstringReference to the API’s resource used during the instance that is being recorded.
jobLifeCycleIdentifierstringThe job’s identifier. It groups all of the audit identifiers related to a single job execution.
eventDetailobjectThe body of the original request being audited.
keystringA set of API key prefixes. Resulting records are filtered with the API key prefixes provided.
internalbooleanAllows users to select to audit internal or external endpoints. Default is false which returns both.
createdAtstringThe time that the instance occurred.