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Accounts allow managing teams independently by grouping users and access keys within a single infrastructure installation.

Every account has a running capacity, given by the number of processing engines available to run jobs. Each engine processes one input item at a time. Accounts are initially set with 5 processing engines. The number of engines available determines the maximum amount of input items a job can process in parallel. Inputs not being processed stand by in the input queue until an engine picks them up.

Account picture

Account Administrators and System Owners can set and update account pictures. Models authored by an account display this picture as their logo. The Accounting service has APIs to upload and get pictures.

Accepted files

  • Types: JPG, JPEG, and PNG files
  • Size: maximum size of 5 MB
  • Resolution: between 175 px x 77 px and 2000 px x 2000 px. We recommend 300 x 300 px

The accounts object

    "identifier": "...",
    "name": "...",
    "isActive": true,
    "users": [],
    "modelsRequireApproval": false
identifierstringThe account’s identifier.
namestringThe account’s name.
isActivebooleanThe account’s status.
usersarrayAn array that contains all the user objects.
modelsRequireApprovalbooleanDefines if an account’s models require deployment approval.