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How to retrieve job results

Once you've begun submitting data to the models you've deployed to Modzy, you'll likely want to access the predictions, classifications, and other inferences produced by your models. This guide shows you how to retrieve results from any inference job you've submitted to Modzy.

:computer: Retrieving job results using the UI

Get job results for just yourself

To retrieve the results for any jobs that you've personally submitted to Modzy, start by going to your profile page. Click on the dropdown at the top of the page, just to the right of the Modzy logo, and select Account. You'll be taken to your account profile which includes a personal history of all jobs you've submitted as part of the team that you're logged in to. To look at job results for another team, stay on this page, but switch teams in the drop down.


Your personal job history page

To see the results for an individual job submission, or inference, click on the JOB ID of the job you'd like to inspect. You'll then arrive at that job's detail page which includes model execution stats, such as completion status, processing times, and model information.


A job detail page

If you scroll further down the job detail page, you'll see a list of items processed. This list can include 1 or more items, depending on how many inputs you submitted when starting your inference job. To view the results of any item within the Items processed list, simply click on the > beside each item to expand the row and view your model's output.


Expanded view of job input and output

Get job results for a project

To view your project job history, navigate to the Projects tab and select the project of interest. Click on "Job History" to see all jobs run within that project. You can also filter by date and status on this page and download one or more jobs.


My project's job history

Get job results for your entire team

To view your team's job history, navigate to the Operations tab on the header, and select the Jobs tab. This will show all jobs run within your team. You can also filter by date and status on this page and download one or more jobs.


My Team's job history

🧑‍💻 Retrieving job results via API

The easiest way to retrieve job results programmatically is to use one of Modzy's SDKs. Currently Modzy provides convenient SDKs in Python, JavaScript, Java, and Golang. If you'd like to interact with the API directly, then check out our API reference guide: Get results.