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Upgrade Procedures

Required prerequisites for upgrading an air-gapped Modzy installation.


Upgrading air-gapped Modzy installations involves the same steps as upgrading a traditional cloud-based or on-premise deployment after two simple prerequisites are met. With no internet connection, air-gapped installations require you to first download the software bundle for each new release and then push the updated containers into your air-gapped Docker registry.

Download Bundle

First, navigate to your airgap download portal and click the "Download airgap bundle" button for the latest version under the "modzy Airgap Bundle" section. This download process may take a while depending on network bandwidth.

Figure 1. Airgap Bundle Download Portal

Figure 1. Airgap Bundle Download Portal

Push Bundle to Registry

Once the bundle has fully downloaded, you will need to push the new collection of containers into the local registry you stood up during the configuration and setup phase for your airgap installation. To do so, use a similar KOTS command you used to push the images to your local registry during the first install.

kubectl kots upstream upgrade modzy \
  --namespace modzy \
  --kotsadm-namespace modzy \
  --airgap-bundle ./path/to/updated/version/modzy.airgap

This will also take some time since this command pushes all of the microservice containers with software updates to the local registry. But in doing so, it will prepare the Admin Console for the remaining steps to fully upgrade your Modzy instance.

Once complete, you can continue by following the same upgrade steps as traditional cloud or on-premise installations. See more details in the Software Upgrades guide.