Upgrade Modzy Core

Modzy core is Modzy's remote model endpoint service, typically used to run models on edge devices or remote servers. It connects remote devices back to a central instance of Modzy and then downloads and serves models locally. Occasionally, new releases of the Modzy platform include new releases of Core. This guide will show you how to upgrade the version of core you're running on any devices.

Standard Upgrade Procedure

The standard upgrade process will allow you to upgrade the version of Modzy Core running on a device, but leave all of your device settings and configurations untouched.

  1. Log in to your instance of Modzy
  2. Navigate to Operations > Edge Devices
  3. Click on the device group which includes the devices that you'd like to upgrade
  4. Click on the Tokens tab in the left-hand nav
  5. Select the type of device (Arch/OS) that you're working with then click on the "Generate Commands" button. Copy the first installation command that is generated for your device group
Command for downloading the latest version of Modzy Core

Command for downloading the latest version of Modzy Core

  1. Login or SSH in to your edge device or remote server
  2. Navigate to the location where the ./modzy-core executable is currently located
  3. Open a terminal (or within your SSH session) type the following to delete the old version of Modzy Core
rm -rf ./modzy-core
  1. In the same location, paste and run the command that you copied from your device group page in Modzy. It should look something like:
wget 'https://customer.modzy.engineering/api/downloads/modzy-core-linux-amd64?token=s.kcTbd3zlFKJhSteR1yckPAGP' -O modzy-core
  1. Finally, you should be able to restart this new version of Modzy Core and launch any locally cached models immediately by typing ./modzy-core server --resume


Model containers are running, but Core is not

Sometimes, when core is shutdown improperly, model containers will continue to run, but are not reachable via API. Here's how to fix this issue:

  1. First, type docker ps
  2. Copy the image ID of any model containers that are still running
  3. The run docker stop CONTAINER_ID (replace CONTAINER_ID with the id of the running container)
  4. Next, navigate to the location of Modzy Core and run ./modzy-core server --resume
  5. Then shutdown Core properly by typing ctrl + c
  6. Finally, restart Modzy Core one last time by typing ./modzy-core server --resume

At this point everything should be working correctly.