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Upgrade Software

Follow this guide to deploy software updates when available.


When a software update becomes availabe, upgrading your Modzy instance requires only a few clicks and can be done entirely within the Admin Console. This guide walks through the process of checking for updates and deploying the latest release to your Modzy instance.


Working with an air-gapped installation?

If so, you must first complete a few prerequisite steps before continuing. Visit the airgap upgrade instructions to download the updated software containers and load them into your local Docker registry.

Check for Updates

First, navigate to the Admin Console, which you can access one of two ways:

  1. If your DNS is properly set up, the KOTS Admin Console should be available at https://admin-console.<modzy fqdn>, where <modzy fqdn> is the domain you chose for your Modzy installation.
  2. Or, from within your Kubernetes cluster, run kubectl kots admin-console -n modzy and access the KOTS Admin Console at http://localhost:8800

After entering your password, navigate to the "Version History" tab. Click the "Check for update button to refresh the page and check for any new available releases.

Figure 1. Version History Page - Check for Updates

Figure 1. Version History Page - Check for Updates

Deploy new Release

When you see a new version (or multiple versions) appear on this screen, simply click "Deploy" for the version you wish to deploy. As the new version begins deploying, you can optionally watch all of the microservice pods in your cluster (you can either do this in a terminal or in a Kubernetes IDE like Lens. The expected behavior is for each pod to restart (starting the with modzy-operator-xxxxxxxxxx-xxxxx pod). Pending all microservices restart successfully, you can now navigate to your Modzy instance, view the "License" page within the "Admin" tab, and verify the "Current Deployed Version" matches the version you deployed in the Admin Console.

Figure 3. Current Deployed Version

Figure 3. Current Deployed Version

Congratulations! In just a few minutes, you successfully upgraded your Modzy instance. Check out the Release Notes page to stay up-to-date on the newest releases and details.