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Quantum GIS (QGIS) is an open-source Geographic Information System that supports viewing, editing, and analysis of geospatial data. Modzy integrates with QGIS to bring AI power to geospatial analysis. Modzy integrates seamlessly into your QGIS dashboard, bringing rapid and trusted AI insights to your fingertips


QGIS integrated with Modzy Building Segmentation model

Integration in Action

Modzy’s Vehicle Detection model identifies every vehicle in aerial imagery.



  • If you have not already, install QGIS, including Python 3.9 and GDAL.
  • Install the Modzy SDK to QGIS.
    • Mac OS X: In a terminal, execute: /Applications/ -m pip install modzy-sdk
    • Windows: Open an OSGeo4W Shell and execute: C:\OSGeo4W\apps\Python39>pip install modzy-sdk
    • To verify the Modzy SDK is installed, within QGIS open a Python Console. Type import modzy and press enter. If there are no errors, it was successfully installed!

Modzy Plugin

  • Install the Modzy Plugin from the QGIS plugins manager by searching for Modzy. If you have not linked to the official repository, you may manually install the plugin as well:
    • Download the stable version from the QGIS plugin repo or the latest version from GitHub.
    • Within QGIS, go to the Plugins > Manage and Install Plugins... menu.
    • Select Install from ZIP from the left panel.
    • Use the ... button to navigate and select the downloaded Plugin zip file, or paste the path to the downloaded zip file into the ZIP file: text box.
    • Click 'Install Plugin'
    • You should receive a 'Plugin installed successfully' message and Modzy will appear in the Processing Toolbox sidebar.


  • Add your Modzy credentials.
    • Retrieve the appropriate API Key from your Modzy account.
    • In QGIS, use the Settings > Options menu
    • Choose Authentication from the left sidebar.
    • Click + in the upper right.
    • Fill in these details to add a new credential:
      • Name: ModzyAPI
      • Resource: or the url for your instance of Modzy
      • Select Basic Authentication
      • Username: Modzy
      • Password: Your Modzy API key from the previous step
      • Realm: leave blank.
    • Click Save


Each model may have different requirements and options, and your instance of Modzy may or may not include all GIS-relevant models.

Vehicle Detection

With AI power in QGIS, Modzy’s Vehicle Detection model quickly identifies every vehicle in aerial imagery. For a human reviewing hundreds of images per day, this is a daunting task. Automating vehicle detection with Modzy speeds up this process, while ensuring consistency and accuracy every time.

The Vehicle Detection algorithm requires overhead imagery sliced into tiles no larger than 416px square. Users of this algorithm can create a VRT of larger imagery by specifying that column size, or may manually slice the imagery. Add those images as layers to QGIS, then:

  • select the Vehicle Detection algorithm under Modzy's Satellite imagery toolkit.
  • Select the layer desired to run the count on, or select Run as Batch Process to run on a set of layers.
  • Optionally select the Vector output layer. If this is left unspecified, the vectors will be saved in memory.
  • Click Run.