modzy projects

Work with projects

$ modzy projects [command] allows you to work with projects. The projects command group offers 2 specific commands.

Command within Jobs Command GroupDescription
listList projects
statusReturns project level dashboard information

-h, --help help for projects


In some of the following examples, authentication is being handled by command flags. To use these examples makes the following substitutions:
Replace BASE_URL with the URL of your instance of Modzy, such as
Replace API_KEY with a valid API key string

List command

$ modzy projects list [flags] lists projects.

Enter the following code into the terminal.

$ modzy projects list --base-url BASE_URL --api-key API_KEY
ID                                   Name                         Owner           Key Prefix           Date Created
--                                   ----                         -----           ----------           ------------
1d6e6e00-4b3f-4500-bb53-dbfeab16857d Social media analyzer        Mat Cauthon     0M96aOBDl6jSJ7tuzeAJ 2021-07-02T17:07:34.927+0000
1857f4b5-596d-4084-ab3f-5e3e61752efe Regional Brand Sentiment     Rand alThor     e7eUQe5kVAfsXz93HUcW 2021-07-06T18:11:28.651+0000
e03aa328-d356-4fac-95ed-684b5c6e1dd1 Russian Document Analysis    Nynave almeara  bGHreiUUhQjwVTWhtLOs 2021-07-07T15:29:08.24+0000
bb034b6b-7e62-4421-803d-085e2fc2c1e1 Drift models                 Birgitte Silver 86Idc1hgCRQQaYN3m7Hn 2021-07-08T12:03:25.436+0000
a181859d-fed2-4835-810a-9d0395fac11f Sentiment Evaluation         Perrin Aybara                        2021-07-02T16:45:46.197+0000
daeff976-73f6-4c1f-ad02-cd25419faa5b Sentiment Evaluation         Perrin Aybara                        2021-07-23T22:46:50.561+0000
579a5f57-ea08-41dc-a415-467bf1a6052b Quality control              Perrin Aybara   aQRP6nEpdtkR1ZYmeydS 2021-07-27T16:48:24.537+0000
46ad3013-43a8-401b-956f-bb2d52bfacb3 Airflow                      Lan Mandragoran O6qVcyDkUME6W4InQNOG 2021-07-29T21:34:55.563+0000
e325fafa-3f5c-4e5c-a7f8-af38ee705c29 JADC2 collaboration          Min Farshaw     6oKFNvKf5FQKckh4idWj 2021-07-30T13:21:34.394+0000
e6e4bfc3-4884-4d9f-9f9a-a9eeeb7e6ec2 Natural Disaster Damage Eval Tam alThor      EiqxAQthllEXvM7ieUCK 2021-08-12T16:41:47.854+0000

Flags specific to the models list command

-h, --helpHelp for list
-o, --outputstring
--pageint(default 1)
--takeint(default 10)

Status command

$ modzy projects status [projectID] [flags] retrieves project-level dashboard information.

Enter the following code into the terminal.

modzy projects status PROJECT_IDENTIFIER --base-url BASE_URL --api-key API_KEY
Data processed: 707 B
Predictions made: 4
Active Models:
Rank Name               Version Elapsed
---- ----               ------- -------
1    Sentiment Analysis 1.0.1   2.595s

Replace PROJECT_IDENTIFIER with a valid project identifier number, which has the format 1457f4b5-596d-4084-ac3f-5e3e71752efe

Flags specific to the projects status command

-h, --helpHelp for status
-o, --outputstring