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modzy models

Work with models

$ modzy models [command] allows you to work with models. The models command group offers 2 specific commands.

Command within Jobs Command GroupDescription
getGet detailed information about a model
listList models

-h, --help help for models


In all of the following examples, authentication is being handled by command flags. To use these examples makes the following substitutions:
Replace BASE_URL with the URL of your instance of Modzy, such as
Replace API_KEY with a valid API key string

Get command

$ modzy models get [modelID] [flags] retrieves detailed information about a model.

Enter the following code into the terminal.

$ modzy models get MODEL_IDENTIFIER --base-url BASE_URL --api-key API_KEY
          ID: ed542963de
        Name: Sentiment Analysis
      Author: Open Source
    Versions: 1.0.27, 1.0.1, 0.0.27
 Description: This model gives sentiment scores showing the polarity and strength of the emotions in text.

Replace MODEL_IDENTIFIER with a valid model identifier, such as ed542963de

Flags specific to the models get command

-h, --helpHelp for get
-o, --outputstring

List command

$ modzy models list [flags] lists models.

Enter the following code into the terminal.

$ modzy models list --base-url BASE_URL --api-key API_KEY
ID         Name                                         Author      Versions
--         ----                                         ------      --------
2a3d66c038 Text to Speech Conversion                    Open Source 0.0.1
f7e252e26a Facial Embedding                             Open Source 0.0.1
d264386947 Speech Transcription                         Open Source 0.0.1
zi2wvziln1 General Object Detection in Overhead Imagery Open Source 0.0.2, 0.0.1
2c368011ef Spoken Language Identification               Open Source 0.0.1
e3f73163d3 NSFW Image Detection                         Open Source 0.0.1
lm3k2913qs Automatic Speech Recognition - Dutch 16Khz   AppTek      1.0.4, 1.0.3
f40b091d2e Arabic to English Translation                Modzy       0.0.1
h8jcce2lqn Actuate Gun Detection AI                     Actuate AI  1.0.0
8spv6ee9uo Automatic Speech Recognition - English 16kHz AppTek      1.0.4, 1.0.3, 1.0.2, 1.0.1

Flags specific to the models list command

--filterstringArray(default [startDate=T-30,endDate=T])
-h, --helpHelp for list
-o, --outputstring
--pageint(default 1)
--takeint(default 10)