Modzy Core CLI

The CLI for interacting with Modzy Edge on an edge device

Modzy Core is a limited implementation of a subset of Modzy API endpoints that are meant to interact with a single model container. Written in Go and distributed as a single binary, it is meant to be run on smaller devices, such as laptops or other edge devices.


Modzy Core is installed as part of a Modzy Edge deployment. Full installation instructions for installing Modzy Core, which includes the Modzy Core CLI, can be found in the guide How to Deploy a Model to the Edge

Available Commands

$ ./modzy-core completionGenerate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
$ ./modzy-core directStarts a HTTP and gRPC server that implements Modzy's inference API.
$ ./modzy-core helpHelp about any command
$ ./modzy-core serverStarts a HTTP and gRPC server that implements Modzy's inference API.

Global Flags

These flags can be used with most modzy cli commands for things like in-line authentication, access to command-specific manuals, etc.

-h, --helpHelp for modzy-core
--log.formatstringLog format. Valid values are 'console' and 'json'. (default "console")
--model.runtimestringThe model container runtime. Only recommended to use when container requires GPU to run (i.e., nvidia).
(default "docker")
--model.runtime nvidia
--model.timeoutfloatLength of time (in seconds) to wait while attempting to connect to model container. (default 10)--model.timeout 60
--model.memoryintModel container Memory usage limit (in MB). Applies to all models running on Core--model.memory 200
--modzy.tokenstringRegistration token--modzy.token s.vswvXjBLk6XmkvRO6qA0gXK5
--modzy.urlstringUrl of Modzy Platform--modzy.url
--resumeResume running after registering. ./modzy-core server --resume
--runtimestringContainer runtime to use. valid choices are.... (default "docker")
--storage.filesystem.pathstringDirectory to store data in.
(default = ~/.modzy/core/data or /opt/modzy/core/data)
--storage.filesystem.path ./local/path/to/store/data
--testmodeTest mode./modzy-core server --testmode
--tracing.endpointstringJaeger endpoint to enable tracing
--tls-skip-verifyboolDisable TLS verification. Default is false./modzy-core server --tls-skip-verify