Submit a job using aws s3 files as inputs

modzyClient.submitJobAWSS3(String modelId, String versionId, String accessKeyID, String secretAccessKey, String region, List<S3FileRef> s3FileRefSource)

Submits a job based on data files stored in AWS S3 buckets. It is possible to configure the patterns on the S3FileRef object.


modelIdjava.lang.StringModel identifier provided by Modzy."ed542963de"
versionIdjava.lang.StringThe model’s version number. It follows the semantic versioning format."1.0.1"
accessKeyIDjava.lang.StringThe AWS access key'SomeAccessKey
secretAccessKeyjava.lang.StringThe AWS secret access key'SomeSecretAccessKey
regionjava.lang.StringThe AWS Region'us-east-1
s3FileRefSourcejava.util.List<com.modzy.sdk.dto.S3FileRef>A list of inputs to processList<S3FileRef> inputs = new ArrayList<>(); inputs.add( new S3FileRef("some-bucket", "some-key"));


com.modzy.sdk.model.Job object with the job status obtained from the server


List<S3FileRef> inputs = new ArrayList<>();
inputs.add( new S3FileRef("some-bucket", "some-key") );
Job job = modzyClient.submitJobAWSS3("ed542963de", "1.0.1", "accessKey", "secretKey", "us-east-1", inputs);

More specific customization options are provided by the method [modzyClient.getJobClient.submitJob]{doc:javamodzyclientsubmitjob}

JobInput<S3FileRef> jobInput = new JobInputS3("accessKey", "secretAccessKey", "us-east-1");
Map<String,S3FileRef> mapSource = new HashMap<>();
mapSource.put("image", new S3FileRef("someBucket", "someKey"));
jobInput.addSource("my-input", mapSource);
Job job = modzyClient.submitJob("ed542963de", "1.0.1", jobInput, false);