How to Generate a Device Token

Device tokens are used to securely register your edge devices with Modzy. Valid tokens are required for any edge deployment.

🪙 Create a device token

Start by navigating to the device group you've created for your device(s), then click the "Create Device Token" button at the top right corner of the screen. This device token will be used to securely connect your edge device(s) with Modzy.


Device group management page

After clicking on the "Create Device Token" button, you'll need to set two fields:

  • Expiration time: Sets the number of hours before the token expires. If you plan to connect your device within a day, 12 hours is usually sufficient.
  • Number of uses: Sets the number of times a device token can be used. It's typical to set this value equal to the number of devices you plan to connect. The token will no longer work after it's been used a set number of times.

Once you've filled in these values click the "Create Device Token" button.


Device registration token creation page

After filling in the required information and clicking "Create Device Token", a new security token will be created presented to you on screen. You can copy this token value or you can simply download it as a text file.


Keep Your Token Safe!

A registration token, much like an API Key, is treated as a secret and will only be displayed to you once when it is created. Be sure to save the token in a secure location.