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Modzy Day 1 Tutorial

Learn Modzy end-to-end through this collection of tutorials

Welcome to Modzy's self-service tutorial guide! In this collection of tutorials, you will learn how to use the core features within the platform and walk away with a strong foundation to start building your own custom applications.

This tutorial series was built to be followed sequentially. In other words, the pre-trained model we begin with in the first tutorial will be used throughout all six steps. However, if you prefer to jump around, the below guide will provide details for what is needed to get started right away with each!

TutorialPrerequisite Tutorial(s) Required?Estimated Completion Time
1. Package ModelNo10 minutes
2. Deploy ModelOptional20 minutes
3. Scale Model UpYes5 minutes
4. Run Model InferenceYes15 minutes
5. Set Drift BaselineYes5 minutes
6. Deploy model to edge deviceYes

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