How to download job results

Modzy provides users the ability to view individual model usage data, job specific data, and download it for your own custom use case.

Filtering results

To download data for a job(s) run for a particular model or user, you will first navigate to the top section named "Operations." Under Operations, select the "Jobs" tab. On this page, you have the option to search by several fields including: Job ID, Model Name, or User. You can also customize the date range and job status displayed. The default view shown is the most recent jobs run within your team in descending order.


Jobs page, auto-sorted by descending date

Downloading job results for a single job

To download job specific data, click into any single job. This will take you to the Job Details page, with detailed information about the job, including model name, user, start time, queued time, processing time, and total time. Each input will have a dropdown with corresponding outputs along with the status of each input listed. To download all results for that job, click the "Download all results" button. This will download a JSON file of each input/output within that completed job.


Downloading job results in bulk

To download one or multiple jobs that you've filtered, select the boxes to the left of the job ID on the Jobs page. The modal at the bottom of the screen will then prompt you to download the job(s) in either JSON or CSV.