Create a New Project

You can start creating a new project by clicking on the "New Project" button on the All Projects tab. In the modal, choose a project name and provide a description. Once you select "Create Project" you will see your new project appear in the "All Projects" tab as well as the "My Projects" tab

Create a New Project ModalCreate a New Project Modal

Create a New Project Modal

Updating Project Settings

You can update your project's information including the team name and description in the Settings tab of your project.

Project Settings PageProject Settings Page

Project Settings Page

Associate Model with Project

On the top right of your project page, the "Get Key" button will download your project API key to your desktop. This key behaves similarly to a personal API key, but using this key will ensure all inference jobs will be tied specifically to your project. Submitting jobs to models with this project API key will populate the "Active Models" component of the Project Overview dashboard. This will allow you to associate a subset of models in your instance to your specific project.

Project Dashboard PageProject Dashboard Page

Project Dashboard Page

Viewing Project Details & Performance

Within the Project Details, users can view high level metrics of models and jobs running, view the job history of all jobs run within the project, set parameters and identify model drift when it occurs, and view explainability results of models that support explainability.

Example of project specific job historyExample of project specific job history

Example of project specific job history

Deleting Projects

There are two ways to delete a project. The first is on the "All Projects" page, where you will find the team to delete on the list, click on the three horizontal dots to the right of the team, and select "Delete Project." The second is by navigating to the Settings page of the team and selecting "Delete Team."

Deleting from All Projects pageDeleting from All Projects page

Deleting from All Projects page

Deleting from Settings pageDeleting from Settings page

Deleting from Settings page

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