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Special considerations when deploying in an air-gapped environment.


An air-gapped Modzy installation is mostly the same as a traditional cloud or on-premise installation. Please follow one of our other installation guides (AWS Azure On-Premise) and make any adjustments necessary for lack of an outside internet connection. For example, if you're following our On-Premise installation guide, please see the K3S docs for installing K3S in an air-gapped environment. Similarly, for other pre-requisites like Keycloak, Rook, etc., you will need to manually copy all the relevant containers to an internal registry and provide a Helm values file to override the image URLs to pull from your internal registry rather than the public repositories like Docker Hub.

Required Installation Components

Once all the infrastructure and pre-requisites have been provisioned, we'll use a slightly different method of deploying Modzy via KOTS. KOTS provides a mechanism for automatically unpacking all of Modzy's containers out of an air-gap bundle into your own private registry and pull the containers from that registry rather than the default internet-hosted registry.

After receiving your replicated airgap download link and access credentials, you will see the following assets available in the portal for download:

  1. Modzy airgap license
  2. Modzy airgap bundle
  3. KOTS Airgap Bundle

Download each of these assets before continuing.

Pre-deployment Steps

  1. On the client machine (you may choose to use the local registry machine), install both kubectl and the kubectl kots plugin.

  2. Push KOTS Admin Console images to the local registry

kubectl kots admin-console push-images ./kotsadm.tar.gz \ \
  --registry-username <optional air-gapped registry username> \
  --registry-password <optional air-gapped registry password>
  1. Install kots admin-console



The kotsadm-namespace is the prefix for the kotsadm images pushed to the local registry.

Deploy Modzy

kubectl kots install modzy \
  --namespace modzy \
  --kotsadm-namespace modzy \
  --registry-username <optional air-gapped registry username> \
  --registry-password <optional air-gapped registry password> \
  --airgap-bundle ./path/to/modzy.airgap \
  --license-file ./path/to/license.yaml

Follow the remainder of the deployment process as documented in the On-Premise installation guide. Pick up here to upload your license file, fill in your configuration information, and deploy!