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v1.8 Release Notes

June 2023


Upgrading to v1.8.5+ is strongly recommended

An issue was discovered in v1.8 of Modzy that could cause excessive network traffic and delayed imports when deploying models from a container registry. The issue has been patched as of v1.8.5 and we recommend upgrading to this latest version at your earliest convenience.

This latest release of Modzy brings a range of new features from webhook support to more granular management of fleets of edge devices.

New Features & Improvements

  • Customizable webhooks can now be created in Modzy which will automatically message downstream applications whenever an inference job is completed. This makes building AI pipelines with Modzy easier than ever
  • Device-based licensing is now available in Modzy. This makes it simple to manage edge device operations and costs:
    • Purchase edge device licenses to meet all of your edge application needs
    • Register as many edge devices with Modzy as your license allows
    • Continue to operate ML models on registered devices in either online or offline mode
    • Share edge device licenses across groups, locations, and teams. Licenses can even be moved from one device to another
  • Model containers can now be shutdown and deleted remotely from edge devices connected to Modzy
  • Performance and scalability improvements when recording inference results

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug caused container import errors when using Azure's container registry
  • Improved reliability of Modzy Core when launching models with internal errors
  • Introduced a data retention policy to avoid edge devices from overrunning local storage due to saving past inference results