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v1.7 Release Notes

March 2023


Upgrading to v1.7.10+ is strongly recommended

An issue was discovered in v1.7 of Modzy that could cause excessive network traffic and delayed imports when deploying models from a container registry. The issue has been patched as of v1.7.10 and we recommend upgrading to this latest version at your earliest convenience.

Modzy v1.7 introduces significant updates to our edge features. Most significantly, Modzy has replaced Kafka with NATS, allowing for secure, bi-directional communication between Modzy and edge devices running Modzy Core.

New Features & Improvements

  • In Modzy v1.7 we've introduced bi-directional communication between Modzy and nearly any edge device*.
    • Deploy, update, and remove ML models on 100s or 1000s of edge devices centrally from Modzy
    • Receive live, real-time information about the health and status of your models running on the edge
    • View details about your edge devices, their connection status, hardware specs, operating system, chipset, and more
    • Generate inference code specific to each device and model
  • NATS has replaced Kafka as our central event streaming platform, which is lighter-weight, faster, more secure, and enables better communication with fleets of edge devices
  • Modzy's Python SDK now supports bidirectional streaming to and from any models running on Modzy Core, enabling incredibly low latencies for real-time applications
  • We've improved the edge device registration process, including more interactive logging and feedback

Bug Fixes

  • Updated Modzy's API documentation with new endpoints, deprecated old ones, fixed incorrect documentation, and providing more up-to-date examples
  • Fixed a bug that caused the job utilization time bar to appear empty all the time
  • Improved the reliability of the Modzy Core CLI, especially the --resume function which restarts Modzy Core with an existing set of models and configurations
  • Fixed a bug that made device groups unviewable if they contained any private models. Instead, private model names and URLs are redacted
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when trying to access administrative features after getting removed as an administrator
  • Various other small UI fixes throughout the product

Upgrade Instructions


v1.7 Upgrade Will Interrupt Active Jobs

When upgrading your instance of Modzy to v1.7, plan to do so during a scheduled maintenance window and wait until all active jobs have been completed, otherwise job queues will be impacted.

To upgrade your instance of Modzy to v1.7, you can follow the standard upgrade instructions found on our docs site with two key exceptions:

  1. In v1.7 Modzy's existing event queue is replaced by NATS. As a result, any jobs still on the old queue during the upgrade will never complete. It's best to wait until all active jobs have been completed to execute the upgrade.
  2. A new websocket subdomain has been added, so if you have a privately hosted instance of Modzy, you'll need to add ws.<Modzy domain to your DNS entry list. The full list of DNS entries for a private instance of Modzy includes the following:
id.FQDN (if using Keycloak)

If you use wildcards for your DNS entries, you should not experience any issues. With wildcard entries, your DNS entry list should look like the following:


*See for specifics on minimum edge device requirements