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v1.10 Release Notes

November 2023

Modzy v1.10 is packed with performance improvements along with an improved edge deployment experience. We can't wait for you to try out the latest updates.

New Features & Improvements

  • Faster model boot times and lower model latency: Modzy can now spin up new processing engines and return inference results in less than 30 seconds from a cold start. This improvement is most noticeable when models are operating in serverless mode (aka scale to zero) where models are not consuming any resources except when inference requests have been submitted. This improvement provides a significant performance boost for batch processing in particular.
  • Faster performance across all services: A new API gateway provides better performance across Modzy with performance improvements found via both the UI and API.
  • Single-node Installation: Modzy now provides official support for installing the platform on a single node. The installer provides all necessary dependencies to stand up an instance of Modzy quickly and easily. While not suitable for scaled production, it's useful for edge-focused deployments or for small R&D projects.The full installation guide is now available here: "One Box" Installation.
  • Improved Edge Operations: Deploying, maintaining, and operating models at the edge is easier and more reliable than ever with our latest improvements to Modzy Core. Check out the Upgrade Modzy Core guide to upgrade your edge installations.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that displayed invalid project start dates
  • Fixed a bug that didn't redirect users to the correct location after deleting a project
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally showed invalid expiration information for edge devices
  • Fixed a sorting bug on the edge devices table